The motorcycle industry offers a vast selection of choices today from sport bikes to cruisers to adventure and off-road.  In spite of all the choices available from major manufacturers, stock motorcycles all need something to make them unique. At industrial Moto we are passionate in doing just that.


iM will take your motorcycle or one of our available donor bikes from whatever state it is in to the finished product you dream of riding. Check out the current build openings and available donor bikes here or contact us to discuss what you've got or need us to find.

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Your engine will be disassembled, inspected and rebuilt with new rings, seals, gaskets, valves lapped and bearings replaced as needed. Carburetors will be properly tuned and jetted according to the exhaust and air intake. Along with making the engine reliable and like new every part of it is colored in detail.



Sometimes the parts we need for the look we are after just are not available. So we make them! Footpegs, controls, and triple tree examples can be seen on our completed projects. Spacers and bushings are sometimes needed to ensure proper fitment. We make these to exacting specs.



Modern powder coating outperforms paint in almost every way. We do all of our powder coating in house and can work with large items such as frames, motor and wheels, as well as the small detail items like nuts and bolt heads. All exposed surfaces on your build can be powder coated in a wide range of colors.



iM will rebuild your stock suspension or do complete suspension swaps. Take a look at project Scorpion for an example. For this project we replaced the stock suspension with forks, swingarm, and rear monoshock from a Suzuki GSX-R sport bike. Modern high performance suspension will provide modern high performance braking systems, as well.



One of the most important elements in modernizing an older motorcycle is the electrical system. Your bike's electrical system will be replaced and a small, lightweight, lithium battery will replace that original lead/acid boat anchor. Offering premium Motogadget components that can include a smart phone app for controlling all aspects of the electrical system including security, programming the lights, and even providing keyless ignition.



Frame modifications generally involve removing unsightly tabs and mount points for side covers or accessories that are no longer needed. Seat mounts and subframes will be created or modified to fit the custom seat of your choice. And while you're here, take a look at projects Scout and Scorpion for examples of our custom built mufflers, created completely in-house.


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