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Reimagining classic motorcycles

The motorcycle industry offers an incredible array of choices today. From sport bikes to cruisers to adventure and off-road, riders can select from a seemingly endless menu. And yet riders everywhere are constantly looking for "custom" options, add-ons, after market parts and features that make their bike stand out. In spite of all the choices available from major manufacturers, stock motorcycles all need something to make them unique.

Industrial Moto will take your project bike or one of our available donor bikes from whatever state it is in to the finished product you dream of riding. Check out the list of currently available donors here or contact us to discuss what you've got and what you want it to be. You won't be disappointed.

An industrial Moto build is all about you. We work with you to learn your style preferences, your color choices, riding position, and preferred control locations. We offer one-off seat designs, sport bike suspension upgrades, hand made footpegs, shifter and brake controls. Finished surfaces are all powder coated. The motor in your new bike will be disassembled and rebuilt with new rings, bearings, and seals.

Contact us to get started! We have several project bikes available now, or you can provide your own. We're looking forward to building one for you.

What we do
Every bike we build is unique. Let's work together to build yours.
Your engine will be disassembled and rebuilt with new bearings, seals and gaskets as needed. Carburetors will be properly tuned and jetted according to the exhaust and air intake choices you make.
Machine Work
Sometimes the parts we need for the look we are after just are not available. So we make them! Footpegs, controls, and triple tree examples can be seen on our completed projects. Spacers and bushings are sometimes needed to ensure proper fitment. We make these to exacting specs.
Powder Coating
Modern powder coating outperforms paint in almost every way. We do all of our powder coating in house and can work with large items such as frames and wheels, as well as the small detail items like nuts and bolt heads. All exposed surfaces on your build can be powder coated in a wide range of colors.
iM can rebuild your stock suspension or do complete suspension swaps. Take a look at project Scorpion for an example. For this project we replaced the stock suspension with forks, swingarm, and rear monoshock from a Suzuki GSX-R sport bike. Modern high performance suspension will provide modern high performance braking systems, as well.
One of the most important elements in modernizing an older motorcycle is the electrical system. Your bike's charging system will be rebuilt and a small, lightweight, lithium battery will replace that original lead/acid boat anchor. Moto Gadgets offers really cool upgrades that can include a smart phone app for controlling a security system, programming the lights, and even providing keyless ignition.
Frame and Exhaust
Frame modifications generally involve removing unsightly tabs and mount points for side covers or accessories that are no longer needed. Seat mounts and subframes will be created or modified to fit the custom seat of your choice. And while you're here, take a look at projects Scout and Scorpion for examples of our custom built mufflers, created completely in-house.
Browse through the projects linked in the menu on the left. You will see a broad spectrum of styles that iM has completed and delivered. Give us a call to discuss what you have and what you want it to be. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a custom motorcycle build from industrial Moto can be. Don't be surprised, however, when the owner of the company answers the phone. We are as proud of our customer service as we are of our bikes!
What Others Have Said:

-Tim Huber from
“CB cafe racers are a dime-a-dozen these days so it’s not often that I come across one that stands out as being genuinely special but this 1992 CB750 built by IndustrialMoto is all kinds of awesome. Not only does this one-off CB feature modern components and suspension, but the cosmetic work and build quality are good enough to easily pass for a factory bike.”

–Joeri from–
“The Honda CB750 maybe is one of the most used based bikes for building a cafe racer. And a lot of these builds look like each other which makes it pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, there are still popping up really, really nice machines (like this one). This machine right here is built by Industrial Moto, a custom shop based in Virginia. It’s a perfect mix between retro aesthetics and modern day technology. It’s called 'Project Scorpion'.”

–BikeExif Custom Bikes of The Week–
"Honda CB750 Nighthawk by Industrial Moto. Industrial Moto is a relatively new shop based in Culpeper, Virginia, and aims to make affordable customs that don’t skimp on the details. Its latest project is this performance-focused Honda CB750 known simply as Project Scorpion.

Working from a well-ridden 1992 CB750 Nighthawk, the team decided they wanted a corner-carving cafe as the end result. A 2006 Gixxer was robbed of its front end and its mono shock swing arm was fitted up as well. This not only improved suspension and stance, but also allowed for better brakes and beefier rubber. To make sure those components weren’t wasted, the Honda powerplant was completely rebuilt with all new seals, bearings and gaskets, and the carbs were rejetted too. The air intake sitting on top them is a hand milled aluminum unit. The Nighthawk’s bulky tank was swapped for a 1978 CB750 unit to help nail the retro aesthetic. That look continues with the custom sub-frame and the humped and tuck-rolled leather seat. A Motogadget m.Unit has been fitted up to work with a custom iM emblazoned gauge set along with the m.Lock wireless key system."