industrial Moto, LLC is a small operation that started in 2011 with the purchase of a tattered old bike and a dream of breathing new life and energy into the machine for personal use.  What resulted from that first effort can be seen here on the project GS page. That bike generated a lot of interest and began the journey to making this a real company and a full time job. Each new build is an opportunity to exercise my creativity and brainstorm for more innovative ideas.  Every bike I build is an adventure with ever expanding possibilities.  My goal is to offer custom built motorcycles at a price point that customers can afford by completing all aspects of the build in-house, from engine rebuilds to finishes.

I’ve always had a passion for anything with two wheels and a motor.  I rode dirt bikes as a kid in rural Tennessee.  As I grew older and moved to Virginia I transitioned to Harleys and sport bikes and back to dirt bikes.  I’ve always been that guy who tears everything apart so I could learn how things work and rebuild them better, stronger and smarter.  I spent 19+ years as an electrician, however, this did not fulfill my passion to create custom bikes and collaborate with enthusiastic clients. Contact us anytime to talk about your project.    -Tyler

Let’s Build